Diagnosing ‘ruminal drinking’ with ultrasound technology

We are very pleased to share with you a new clinical article on the use of ultrasound in diagnosing Ruminal Drinking, published in International Dairy Topics.

Our in-house vet, Yolanda, worked alongside Neus Callizo Esteve and Javier Blanco Murcia from the University of Madrid as well as Michela Tatiana Re on the article.

The article first details what exactly 'Ruminal Drinking' is before going on the consequences if it is not treated.

The generally accepted method of diagnosis is 'auscultation-succussion' or it can also be done with the placement of a naso- or orogastric tube.

This article focuses on ultrasound, used to diagnose pulmonary pathologies, joint and in this case, digestive pathologies.
Click to download the full article.


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